ASN Compression is the exclusive distributor of Hanwha power systems in the East of Canada.

Available in pressure ranges going from 7 to 382 psig and debit from 400 to 27,000 cfm, the SB, SM and TM series and warm air dryers of compression Hanwha power systems represent the pinnacle of efficiency and reliability.

The advanced and simple user controls allow a great flexibility in activity and a reduction of operating and maintenance costs.

You will then enjoy our local expertise and the support of the largest turbo compressor manufacturer of the world.

Please check out the compressor Hanwha power systems website.

Idex Corken is the world leader in compressor, pump and accessory conception for the gas market.

The compressor range of Corken is used for the compression and boosting of gas, as well as the transshipment of all type of gas like biogas, propane, chlorine, freon and diverse corrosive gas.  

Please check out the Les Compresseurs Corken website.
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